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Christmas Music

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Welcome to christmas_music! This is the Live Journal community where you can share Christmas music throughout the holiday season. :)


1) Please lock your posts! All posts MUST be friends-locked. NO EXCEPTIONS. You will be warned only once if you forget to lock a post before you are deleted from the community. This is a safety issue.

2) Please make sure your post includes a Christmas song or a request for one. All posts must be Christmas song related. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

3) Please upload or host your own songs. Do not link to songs that have been uploaded or hosted by someone else. There are lots of resources* to help you out with this.

4) Please put longer posts (3 or more songs) under an lj-cut.

5) Please respect other community members. No bashing of music tastes, extreme profanity, or personal attacks will be allowed.

Note: As moderators we have the right to delete any posts that are inappropriate in any way or break any of the rules. We also have the right to delete and ban members.

If you have any suggestions (always welcome!), questions, problems, or are interested in being an affiliate, please email cheapcrowd at switchscreens@gmail.com

Please note: christmas_music does not promote the sharing of illegal, copyrighted files. If any of our members choose to participate in file-sharing, they bear full responsibility.


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